Bellroy - a landing page with a story

I just love how Bellroy designed their landing page "Slim your wallet":

Why do I find it a good example of online marketing:

1. The content helps readers understand why they have problems with wallets and how to solve it

2. The content is entertaining and interactive - it's always nice when you can actually "do" something on the page

3. The content is well-designed and structured

Now back to your sites, are there any challenges the users are facing? Can you help them? Create your own landing page telling a story and test its effectiveness!

The new SEOlots blog concept

Dear all!

Starting from today, the SEOlots blog will live a new life :)

First and foremost, I'm getting back to blogging (and yes I promise to keep it up).

Second, there's going to be the updated concept of the blog - I'm going to collect and publish simple things that make a difference. For instance, if I spot a PPC ad with lots of clicks and conversions, I'll share it with you. If I find a smart website feature, I'll post it here. If someone sends a great inspiring email, well, you get it!

Why I think it's important

There are many blogs with awesome detailed articles and how-to guides - you'll probably know most of them. You can spend around 10-20 minutes reading and commenting there. That's not what I'm planning to do. I want to share some tiny bits of the Web that can actually make a big difference - for your site's traffic, conversions, user experience, etc.

Idea submissions

If you already have some great ideas to share with the SEO community, you can send them to me in any format (email, tweet - anything will work for me!), and even if it's your personal site or blog, I don't mind you getting a nice Penguin-safe backlink from my blog, as long as your content deserves it :)

P.S. Some more great news - I finally got a cat, so meet Chivas, my cute scottish-fold boy (he inspires me a lot)!

Best cat ever

Content Curation: 5 Resources to Look At

Content DistributionGetting active on social networks, creating massive lists of bookmarks on bookmarking websites, uploading your video to Youtube, Vimeo; distributing Powerpoint presentations across Slideshare, Authorstream, etc. So, what do you think comes next? I think I got a clue!

There are many definitions of content curation. I'd define it as the practice of getting, organizing, publishing and sharing your remarkable Web experiences. How's it different from social bookmarking websites and social networks that help us every day share tons of content? Well, the thing is that most content curation websites offer innovative ways of representing content - you can build logical trees, pack your information into "bags," start your own magazine, or share huge boards with tutorials and guides. Sounds like a lot of fun? It is! And what about SEO?

How to Create Effective Ads in Google Adwords

Google AdWordsSo, you have a Google AdWords account and cannot but stop surprising, why some of your ads get completely ignored by Google users, while others start getting clicks and generating conversions almost immediately? Let's see what you can do to make your AdWords ads more "irresistible."

For sure, it's challenging to fit your company prodcuts' information into a couple of lines. That is why, you should following the following rules:

1. Emphasize your competitive benefits

Do you offer free delivery service? Or maybe your team is the most experienced in this niche? Tell your potential customers about what makes you so good and different from the rest!

What Makes a Killer SEO-friendly Landing Page?

How to design catchy landing pages?Creating effective landing pages requires certain skills and creativity. Learn easy-to-follow steps to create killer SEO-friendly landing pages.
After talking to many clients who have great SEO and pay-per-click(PPC) management teams, I see that simple stuff on website optimization is still often ignored to a great extent.

You may spend a lot of money on getting top Google positions (either with SEO efforts or paid ads), but it won’t necessarily bring you what you really need: sales.

So what are the simple things you can have fixed even by the end of this week?