How to Create Effective Ads in Google Adwords

Google AdWordsSo, you have a Google AdWords account and cannot but stop surprising, why some of your ads get completely ignored by Google users, while others start getting clicks and generating conversions almost immediately? Let's see what you can do to make your AdWords ads more "irresistible."

For sure, it's challenging to fit your company prodcuts' information into a couple of lines. That is why, you should following the following rules:

1. Emphasize your competitive benefits

Do you offer free delivery service? Or maybe your team is the most experienced in this niche? Tell your potential customers about what makes you so good and different from the rest!

2. Use numbers

more than ten years vs. 10+ years

You see what I'm talking about? Numbers are usually more attractive than plain text and they help you save some precious space for more facts. Use numbers when you talk about prices, amounts, experience, etc.

3. Add strong call-to-actions

A call-to-action is a chance to guide a user to your product or service. "Click here!" is not the best option, since it is too vague. "Sign up," "Call us today," "Grab your discount," "Register," "Get a quote" - are just a few examples of strong call-to-actions that you can use in your ads.

4. Use keywords in your ads

No, I don't think that you are dumb. But I have seen dozens of AdWords accounts where an ad group might include a hundred keyword and 2 ads. What are the chances those hundred keywords get mentioned? For better results create tightly themed ad groups with 10 keywords maximum. Thus you'll be able to use each keyword in your ads and make them really relevant to the user's search.

5. Don't be afraid to experiment

Be it your ad or landing page copy, don't be afraid to experiment - this is the only way you see what works best for your account. If you create 3-4 ads per ad group, AdWords can automatically show the best-performing ads more often. See that one of your ads shows poor performance? Instead of removing it, simply pause it - thus you will always see that this text hasn't proved to be effective enough.

I can feel you are almost running to your Google AdWords account to review the ad groups and create some new ads. Before you go there, take a look at this example:

flowershop, all sorts,
good pricing

10% Off All Flowers!
Free Shipping. Order a Bouquet
with a Discount Now!

Which ad most resembles your existing AdWords ads? :)

By Inessa Bokhan