Online Advertising Management by SEOlots

SEO takes time and depending on your business niche it may take your website from a couple of months to a couple of years to get some good results. But what if you cannot wait and need traffic and sales right now, at this moment? The best way to achieve this is to start a paid online advertising campaign. Where? In the search engine results, right above your competitors!

AdWords Ads

Be it Google, Bing, or any other search engine, starting up your first ad campaign will include the following steps:

Advertising Research

Who are your prospect visitors? What type of keywords are they likely to use in search engines to find your goods and services? And how many people are likely to visit your website and become customers? These are the questions you simply can’t ignore. Careful keyword research will help you set up focused ad campaigns and avoid excessive ad spending.


Before your open up your website for thousands of visitors, you need to clean up a bit (just like in a common store before sales!), prepare your landing pages, and create some engaging content. Otherwise, your advertising will be a complete waste of resources.


Now it’s time to set up your first ad campaign. The chosen keywords are split into relevant ad groups, content ideas turn into catchy ad texts. In a minute, your ads will be noticed by your potential customers!

Tracking - Analyzing - Tuning

The best way to enhance the results of an ad campaign is to track the progress, analyze the stats, and tune up the ad groups accordingly. Click-through rate and conversion rate will tell you a lot about how your ads are doing.

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