SEO: if You Need to Get More Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) is one of the most popular Internet Marketing techniques that helps you get more traffic and increase website visibility across search engines.

SEOlots helps with starting up your first SEO campaign - we'll guide you through the whole cycle and teach how to do things on your own. If you have a feeling SEO is too complicated or expensive, let us show you the opposite. SEOlots SEO services include the following steps:

SEO Factors

1. Strategy planning

Depending on your niche, business needs, and budgte we'll plan ahead the cycle of activities for your website. During this satge, we also learn about your project and identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks.

2. Keyword Research

To help you rank better, we need to learn what kind of keywords your target users type in the serach engines to find you. Together, we'll work out a detailed list of keywords that's going to be the basis for our further optimization activities.

3. Search-engine-friendly website

Before you spend a cent on promotion and advertising, let us make sure your website is actually READY for being promoted. SEOlots team investigates how technically accessible your website is, and what should be changed to make it more search-engine-friendly.

4. Onpage SEO

Your pages should be perfect: catchy and structured content, optimized and beautiful graphics, keyword-rich elements, and much more to make sure users and search engines will simply love them.

5. Offpage SEO

To get more authority among a huge number of competing pages, we need to build some quality backlinks. Forget the spammy techniques you've read about on SEO forums - we'll never get down to things that in any way can harm your brand and image.

6. Social Media

You already have a Facebook "like" button on your website pages? Great! Then our task will be to help you manage every aspect of how the world see you and your business.

7. Analytics

Again, we'll measure every stage of our SEO campaign to identify what works perfectly well for you and what should be ignored.

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