How to Make Your Images Rank Well in Google?

Use Images for SEOWhy do we use graphics on our webpages? Right, to better illustrate our ideas, enhance website appearance, and make website browsing more pleasing to the users. However, there are some even more important reasons for using images and photos:

1.    Using unique images provides an opportunity to get found in Google Image Search
2.    Photo galleries can significantly increase the average time spent on site
3.    Graphical content gets natural backlinks more quickly (because users prefer sharing pictures rather than plain text)

Today, let’s talk about how to make your images get found in Google Image Search.

First of all, you should understand that stuffing pages with images for the sake of being found is useless – every time you sacrifice usability (and lots of images will definitely impact your website performance), you risk losing traffic. That is why, use images appropriately and consider the following recommendations:

Add an image sitemap for your website

Submitting your website sitemap helps search bots find more pages in shorter time. The same is true about image sitemaps. In a couple of minutes, search engines will discover all of the images you want to have indexed.

Optimize image file size

As I’ve already mentioned not optimized and excessive graphics can worsen your page load speed (which is a significant ranking factor), that is why use software (such as GIMP) to quickly optimize image size. If you need to place a lot of images on a single page, consider implementing an image gallery, where only small thumbnails load at once, while original images load only when clicked.

Use keywords for image names and in ALT attributes

To improve your image search rankings, do not forget to add keywords to file names (2376372467.jpg vs. forest_flowers.jpg), ALT attributes, titles, and text surrounding the image. All these things will help you increase the relevancy of your images and make them rank better.

Following these simple instructions, you’ll manage to turn your website images into an additional source of traffic and backlinks!

By Inessa Bokhan